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Lactuca virosa Resin Extract (Wild Lettuce Opium)

Click to enlargeA legendary sacred plant revered highly in early Egyptian and Roman literature, it is related to the very plant that we chop and eat as salad.

Lactuca ( lettuce), comes from the latin word for milk (as in lactation) and relates to the collection method for the resin called lactucarium or lettuce opium. If scraped or wounded, the plant produces a milky sap that is collected over days and dried to produce an unusual taffy-like material.

For centuries, especially among the Native Americans, Lactuca virosa has been used as a pain killer, a cure for insomnia, nervousness and muscle spasms and as a powerful cough suppressant. In fact, some historical literature mentions “opium-like” reactions and use as an opium substitute including the likes of Dioscordies (“the” 1st century AD physician) who likened the plant’s effects to that of the opium poppy, although much weaker than the poppy with many less side effects. Since that time though, no medicine cabinet is complete without this sedative, pain-killing plant ally.

The active constituents are sesquiterpene lactones (including lactucopicrine, lactucine and lactucerol) for those of you interested (Ratsch, 1998). The Hopi smoked this lettuce opium and believed that it induced profound dream states, ones that provided more information about reality than the conscious waking state that we all take as “real”. They believed that smoking the lactucarium prior to sleep enhanced the vividness and recollection of their dreams.

9 grams resin extract

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