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Sutherlandia frutescens

Click to enlargeSutherlandia frutescens, also known as Wildegansie, is a most remarkable plant. Indigenous to South Africa, it is revered as one of the important medicinal plants in the region and has historically been used by Khoi, Nama and San people.

We first learned about the plant after hearing reports that workers in Namaqualand smoke the plant as a cannabis substitute for its pleasant sedative and anti-anxiety effect. The smoke is also said to relieve extreme pain. The foliage/stems are a rich source of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA and this could well account for its stress fighting anxiolytic effects.

Sutherlandia is also a potent adaptogen that helps to normalize many of the body’s functions and to act as an immune-enhancer as well. It contains a very active compound, canavanine, which has been documented to have anti-viral and anti-cancer activity. Yet another compound, pinitol, has been used to treat wasting syndrome in AIDS and cancer patients.

Here we offer sustainably harvested, wild-crafted plant material.

1 ounce dried, chopped foliage and stems


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