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Shipibo Jewelry

Click to enlargeWe've been blessed to partner with the Shipibo people of the Peruvian amazon on a cultural sustainability project. The Shipibo are known as brilliant and inventive weavers, potters, and caretakers of the sacred ayahuasca ceremony. They are also prolific makers of natural seed jewelry which they trade with other tribes throughout the amazon basin. Seeds have been used by the Shipibo as ornamentation as well as ritual and spiritual purposes for millenia, so who better to source these beautiful treasures from but the original caretakers.

The Shipibo culture is currently under threat by outside forces including oil exploration, logging and other forms of resource extraction, and economic issues have pushed many to relocate to urban centers such as Lima.

The Shipibo friends we work with are not charity cases. They aren't looking for handouts, but instead want to share their knowledge and creations with the world. They believe that sharing is critical to the survival and evolution of the world's varied cultures.

Shipibo Bracelet
Shipibo BraceletThis bracelet is made up of Choloke seeds enhanced with silver-plated accents. The central green stone bead is serpentine found only at Machu Picchu. Its energetic property is serenity, so it brings peace and calmness to the wearer.

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