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Rhodiola rosea LIQUID Extract - Soviet Phyto Secret

Click to enlargeIn the former Soviet Union, Rhodiola rosea extracts were prescribed to some of most elite and valued members of the political party system and the military. Cosmonauts, fighter pilots, KGB special agents, flight surgeons, deep sea divers and even Russian Olympic athletes had access to Rhodiola. With the easing of the Cold War the West has finally accessed a vast body of phytmedicinal research conducted by the Soviets, and we’ve begun to uncover a wealth of research trials which document the diverse and astonishingly beneficial effects of this unassuming alpine plant.

Scores of Russian and Siberian experiments have proven that the plant acts as a potent cognitive stimulant that fights fatigue and stress, increases attention span, improves memory and concentration while also relieving anxiety, calming emotions, and easing depressive syndromes and sleep disturbances. Rhodiola also exhibits potent anti-fatigue, anti-stress, immune-enhancing and protective effects in the body. It increases physical work capacity, boosts endurance and strength, reduces recovery time and has anti-hypoxic effects (the ability to protect the brain from oxygen deprivation). Rhodiola does all this without introducing any untoward side effects or toxicity. Many researchers have excitedly dubbed it a miracle adaptogen worthy of much more attention and contemporary investigation.

1 ounce liquid extract (Save 40% when you order 4 ounces)

D-RR$22.00, 4/$53.00

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Photo by Carl Farmer at Skye Flora

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