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Papaver somniferum - Opium Poppy Seeds

Click to enlargeThe pharmacological significance of this plant has been recognized since at least 1600 b.c. It was likely used as a euphoriant in the late Minoan civilization, and ancient Egyptians, Persians and Greeks all understood it to be a "destroyer of grief" and pain. The immature flower pods from this species exude a resin rich in opiate alkaloids.

This variety, Bea's Choice, comes direct from the personal garden of an admired grower and poppy connoisseur who's cultivated many a poppy. The lineage is a co-mingling of choice "blood lines" from India, Turkey and Persia. Flower colors vary but deep scarlets and pinks predominate.

Bea's Choice 10 gram seed packet.

Sorry, this variety is sold out. But check out our other varieties below


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Hens & Chicks VarietyThis variety of P. somniferum produces huge central seedpods (the "hens") surrounded by clusters of smaller pods (the "chicks").

10 gram seed packet.

Giganteum (Maximum) VarietyTrue to its name, this one will yield incredibly large pods - easily the "supersize" king of varieties!

5 gram seed packet.


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