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Kava Wave Kava Extract

Click to enlargeCan a single plant save civilization from its discontents? For over 2000 years the natives of the tropical Pacific islands have held the answer, and they call it Kava Kava. This remarkable plant contains some of the world's most potent mood-enhancing compounds know as kavalactones. These compounds are renowned for their unparalleled ability to soothe stress and anxiety and promote a deep sense of well being.

Recently a flood of kava products has begun to appear in healthfood stores, yet none of them contain the levels of kavalactones typically consumed by Pacific islanders. These products can't compare to the fresh kava preparations which produce the intensely pleasurable, expansive sense of well being, calm and clarity which are so much a part of the true kava experience. Our extract is the closest you'll come to enjoying fresh kava. It is the purest and most potent extract available! We guarantee that with Kava Wave you'll discover the fabulously pleasurable and mellow state of "kava mind"!

Kava Wave fans will be happy to learn that we’ve improved our product. The gel caps are now packed under nitrogen to preserve maximum freshness and potency. The gel cap itself is totally free of animal products and chlorophyll has been added to guard against degradation from light. Each capsule contains 325mg of Vanuatu kava extract and a total of 75mg kavalactones. Due to the potency of the caps, the FDA recommends using no more than 4 caps per day. Just one to three caps per day are effective for managing anxiety. As a sleep aid we recommend 2 to 3 caps. The traditional amount consumed on the islands is above the FDA recommendations and is somewhere around 10 plus per serving.

60 gelcaps per bottle

D-KW30Regular price: $24.00
Sale price: $20.50

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