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Guarana / Kola LIQUID Extract

Click to enlargeThe Brazilian Buzz! A blend of Guarana, a favorite natural stimulant in Brazilian Amazonia, and Kola Nut, the stongly stimulating fruit of a tree found along the steamy coastal jungles of West Africa (a.k.a. Coca "Cola").

The marriage of the two yields a complex blend of energizing alkaloids including guaranine, hypoxanthine, tetra-methyl-xanthine, caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and guarana’s unique ginseng-like beneficial saponins. A great way to fight fatigue and gain restorative energy that feels distinctively different from the everyday caffeine buzz you get from that pricey latté or that expensive energy drink.

1 ounce liquid extract (Save 40% when you order 4 ounces)

D-GKE$18.00, 4/$43.50

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