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Click to enlargePure Planet Vision!

Who are we? The Basement Shaman is an elightened outpost for explorers of a new frontier, a portal to facilitate the interchange of ideas, the sharing of information and the expansion of imagination. Inside our site you'll find a curious and spectacular meeting of the technological and the sacred, a strange and fantastic amalgam of ancient tribal vision, shamanic plant wisdom, modern consciousness research and cultural mutation.

Why are we here? With the planet poised at the cusp of so much change at the hands of a single species, our actions will decide between a future of unimaginable beauty and possibility or irrevocable damage and dire consequence. We hope that The Basement Shaman will be a resource in providing some of the tools, information and materials for a transformation toward a better way of being on the planet, a way of living more lightly, more happily, awake and aware.

Where will we go? Wow, what a big question. Perhaps by connecting to each other and the radiant intelligence of nature, we will be given the instructions that will guide us and all sentient beings to a peaceful and brilliant future. Will you join us?

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