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The Basement Shaman offers a wide variety of live plants, seeds, and plant-derived products. While some of these products are labeled and intended for consumption, we also offer a broad range of materials which are clearly not intended for human use. Unless otherwise stated and labeled, all materials should be considered as unfit for human consumption. Such items are offered solely for the purposes of species preservation, research, and archival interest.

All information on our web site or print catalog concerning the chemical makeup or traditional use of these materials is presented solely for informational and educational purposes and should not be construed as advocating the use or misuse of any of these materials.

Organic items such as plants, seeds, extracts and dried herbs may contain hundreds of different chemical compounds. In turn, every person is an individual who may react to these chemical compounds in many different and often unpredictable ways. While some generalizations can be made based on the experiences of traditional users of these materials, it is impossible and unwise to predict how any particular material will effect a given individual. Therefore, unless specifically stated, all materials offered by The Basement Shaman are not meant for human consumption.

Some of live plants, seeds, extracts and other naturally-derived materials sold by The Basement Shaman may contain substances that are toxic. While toxicity is often a function of dosage, none of these materials should be considered safe for human use and they should never be eaten, smoked, chewed, sniffed, injected or otherwise consumed. Upon consumption damaging side effects can occur.

The Basement Shaman cannot take any responsibility if buyers of our products are using the materials in an illegal or damaging way. You as the customer have full responsibility for incorrect use or misuse of our products. In order to assist our customers, we will attempt to identify those items which are commonly recognized as especially dangerous. However, the customer should assume that unless otherwise noted, all products are potentially dangerous.

All products should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

The Basement Shaman, while always attempting to abide by the laws of the State of Illinois and of the United States of America, cannot and is not making any claims as to the legality of any of the products sold by it. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations of the particular jurisdiction which the customer is in.

The Basement Shaman will not sell any products to minors, and by placing an order, the customer is explicitly acknowledging that s/he is not a minor and that s/he fully understands the warnings contained in these statements.

The Basement Shaman completely disclaims any and all liability for any injury, personal damage or property damage which is the result of the use or consumption of any of the products sold by it. By ordering from The Basement Shaman the customer agrees to assume all responsibility to abide by all applicable laws. The customer understands that s/he is taking full liability for any personal injury, property damage or other damages sustained either directly by his or herself, or indirectly by another that may result from the purchase, use or misuse of anything ordered from The Basement Shaman.

From time to time we may notify you of special promotions, new products or services, or other information that may be of interest to you. We will never share any information you provide to us, with anyone ever. Should you not wish to receive this type of information, please email us at basementshaman@yahoo.com and we will remove you from our mailing list or you will be able to enter your “remove” request after your receive our next promotional email.

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