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Damiana Extract - Turnera diffusa

Click to enlargeDamiana is a traditional aphrodisiac of the Mayan people in Central America. To this day the herb is revered as a libido enhancing tonic in Mexico and is used to make an aromatic tea as well as a number of liqueurs.

Damiana is also considered a thymoleptic (having life-ehnancing and stimulating action on the body and mind). It has traditionally been given to people suffering from mild to moderate depression especially in instances when anxiety and depression occur together. While the herb is mildly stimulating it is simultaneously also a relaxant.

The use of Damiana was documented as early as 1552 in an herbal manuscript called the ”Badianus Manuscript”. Spanish missionaries also noted its use as a restorative and sexual tonic among Mexican natives.

Our potent extract is made from plants that are sustainably harvested from wild grown plants of Mexico.

Recommended use: 15 to 30 drops up to four times daily

1 ounce liquid extract (Save 40% when you order 4 ounces)

D-DE$14.00, 4/$33.60

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