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Blue Lotus, Blue Lily - Nymphaea caerulea Dried Foliage

Click to enlargeThe Nymphaeceae are a family of aquatic plants including water lilies and the sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera. There are some 90 species of water lilies in the family and there is evidence to suggest some were used as inebriants in both the Old and New worlds.

Questions still remain as to whether the active alkaloids of the Nymphaea are most properly recognized as having entheogenic activity. Papers published by Diaz, Dobkin de Rios, Schultes, Hoffman and Emboden contend that water lilies were used as entheogens, but Ott reminds us that much of this info is based on inference and interpretation of Egyptian and Mayan art.

Clearly the lotus motif is prominent among diverse cultures. In Asian Buddhist traditions the lotus is an important symbol frequently found adorning temples and shrines. The lotus is seen as a metaphor for the possibility of enlightenment even among conditions of imperfection since the flower emerges as a beautiful and luminous symmetric form from dark and muddied waters. Hindu traditions also adopted the lotus as a central icon where itís often used as a symbol of divine creation. Nymphaea cerulea is known as the blue lily of Egypt where it has ancient associations with the god Nefertem and the sun god Re.

The flowers and leaves of the blue lotus are reportedly steeped in hot water or macerated in wine to yield a blissfully inebriating elixir. More traditional uses include applications as an antirheumatic, cardiac sedative, burn remedy and analgesic.

50 Grams Dried Flowers

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