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Bangala/Love Reed LIQUID Extract - "African Viagra"

Click to enlargeThe potent pairing of these two libido boosters has earned a reputation as “African Viagra”. For centuries the bangala root has been used by African men as a potent sexual tonic. Its been prescribed as an aphrodisiac to enhance male potency and sexual energy.

“Love Reed” (Typha capensis) is a type of bulrush which grows in the wetlands of South Africa. The rhizomes are used to prepare a sexual tonic which not only enhances the male libido, but also promotes increased blood flow to the sexual organs. Dr. Ben-Erik van Wyk, a professor of botany at the University of Johannesburg notes that Love Reed’s “efficacy probably has something to do with the fact that it appears to improve circulation, opening the veins and increasing blood flow”.

It has also been documented that the sexual hormone androgen plays a vital role in sexual behavior and erection. Indications suggest that certain phytosteroids in Love Reed are metabolised into androgen, thus providing a literal boost to the sexual organs. Used regularly the results of this blend are unmistakable.

1 ounce liquid extract (Save 40% when you order 4 ounces)


D-BLRE$18.00, 4/$43.50

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