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Synaptolepis kirkii - “Uvuma omhlope”

Click to enlargeFor well over a decade we’ve been looking for and sampling plants that can have a profound effect on the dream state. A good friend from South Africa recently turned us on to a remarkable plant that is worthy of investigation. If you’ve tried Calea zacatechichi or Silene capensis, you’ll want to check this one out.

The Zulu and other tribes of South Africa classify this plant as an “ubulawu” or dream-ehancing plant. Diviners also use it during trance rituals to aid in “seeing” visions and communicating with dead ancestors.

The white or “omhlope” tubers are very unsual, resembling pieces of plaster. Modern research has shown them to contain kirkinine, a compound considered to be a powerful neurotrophin. Neurotropins aid in the survival, growth, and repair of nerve tissues. Anecdotal evidence suggests this plant has nootropic, or brain-enhancing effects and anti-aging properties.

Users have also reported feelings of euphoria, calming effects, and empathogenic properties.

50 grams ground roots


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