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Artemisia absinthium - Absinthe Herb

Click to enlargeIn the mid 19th century, a uniquely inebriating liquor called Absinthe was sipped in European cafes as the drink of choice amongst circles of artists and intelligentsia. The beverage was made by distilling the foliage of Artemisia absinthium over alcohol to extract the plant's essential oils.

A group of compounds known as thujones have since been indentified as the active components of these oils, and there is come current research examining the possibility that thujones bind to the same receptor sites as the tetrahydrocannabinols from Cannabis. Before eventually being banned, Absinthe gained astonishing popularity with some 36 million liters being consumed annually in France alone.

We offer organically grown dried foliage in a 1/2 pound package.

D-AA9$9.00, 2/$16.00

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